Done-For-Your Niche Site

My SEO Team Builds Your Niche Site and Ranks It

Your Chance To Get The Niche Site
To Start Your Empire

What do I get?

My team does the research, strategy, build, and SEO
to build you a niche site that drives sales or affiliate commissions.

What are the details?

Why would you do this??

In support we see people having difficulty because they don't build proper site structure, don't understand content structure, target the wrong keywords, and do not build out a proper backlink structure. We want to provide an opportunity to those serious about an online business to have a niche site done for them properly.


Do I need to buy backlinks?

During the initial SEO as we build rankings you DO NOT need to buy backlinks. After you take over the site you can buy backlinks if you want, or use YIVERanker.

How long does it take to get delivered?

You do not have to take delivery until there are rankings and traffic. Please allow up to 60 days for the build, content, and foundational SEO to be completed. Please allow 90 days additional for the launch and ranking period.

Can we choose the keywords?

No, we will do this with our expertise. Of course the goal is sales, not rankings, so our keyword selections will be done with concern to driving traffic and sales.

Can I choose any niche?

There are some niches we will not do such as Adult, Weapons, CBD, Crypto, Political, or Religious or anything that depicts illegal activity. We reserve the right to deny a niche before we start your project. If we deny your niche and you don't want to choose another option we will refund your money.

What platform will the site be built in?

We will use WordPress so that it is flexible for you to choose hosting down the road, and allow those who don't own YIVESites to participate. We reserve the right to build PBNs we make in YIVESites.

Do I need to write any content?

No, our team will do that during the build and ranking period. Once you take over the site you can add any content to it you want.

Will you add my optin form?

Yes, but we will discuss that prior to implementation.

Will you transfer the domain to me?

Yes, once the 90 day post-launch refund period has passed we will transfer the domain to you free of charge.

Can I change hosting later?

Yes, and our team will transfer the site for you.

When do I get the site login?

Yes, we will give you that during the build, however we discourage you from changing anything during that process.

How does the refund work?

There are two periods to this program. One is the build period, which lasts up to 60 days. The second is the launch period. During the launch period we will be driving rankings. This period lasts 90 days. If there are not at least 10 sales in that period you can ask for a full refund. After 90 days it is a case-by-case situation, but we want you to be happy with what you received. The site cannot be transferred to any other hosting until you confirm in writing you are keeping the site. The domain will be transferred at the same time.

On the 2 payment option, when is the second payment made?

The second payment is not due until after the 90-day launch period is complete and you decide to keep the website.

What about support after delivery?

We will provide technical support for one year after delivery for issues specific to the website build. We do not provide content support or ongoing SEO after delivery. We will give you instructions for both upon delivery.

Two Payment Option
$1,500 Upfront
$1,000 on Delivery

Single Payment Option

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