The Automated SEO Backlink Software
that easily builds niche backlinks in multiple tiers automatically

Tiered Web 2.0 Niche Backlinks have
never been easier!

What is YIVERanker?

YIVERanker is a platform where non-techie marketers can easily run tiered SEO backlink campaigns using set-and-forget automation.

Why YIVERanker?

Cloud Hosted

No software to install and configure on your own PC or VPS. It all runs in our cloud infrastructure.

No Blogs To Build

Use our network of hundreds of thousands of powered-up seasoned niche blogs rather than build new ones.

Build Multi-Tier Backlinks

Push awesome DA/PA with Web 2.0 backlinks in your niche, with additional tiers to power them up.

Add Your RSS Feeds

Want to automate links to your blogs? Add their RSS feeds and the system will backlink each new post when they are published.

Built-In Strategies

Don't waste time with backlink strategy design. YIVERanker has proven strategies built-in so you can start fast.

Virtual Assistant Access

Provide your virtual employees access to your account to create and manage campaigns for you and clients.

Automated Content Engine

Don't want to write content for your campaigns? YIVERanker auto generates content and inserts your backlinks for you.

Article Forge Integration

Add your Article Forge API key and get great content automatically added to your campaigns for your Tier 1 links.

Upload Articles

Already have pre-written content you want to use? Just bulk upload it to the system and assign it to campaigns.

Export Reports

Export all links for each campaign in XLS, CSV, or PDF. Easily upload links to any indexing system.


Video tutorials are easily accessed to help you get started. A bonus is the SEO Beginners Series to help newbies.

Built-In Support Ticket System

Have an issue? Its just two clicks to open a ticket and let our staff know how to help you without using another system.

Want Results Like These?

From no traffic to over 1,000 leads in less than 90 days from start of using YIVERanker!
Niche: Insurance

Over 300% organic search traffic increase in 2 weeks from the start of using YIVERanker!
Niche: Home Improvement

Doubled organic search traffic in 45 days from the start of using YIVERanker!
Niche: Health

Start Driving Rankings and Collecting from Clients

What Strategies Does YIVERanker Use?

.....and more.

What Do Our Users Say?


What are Web 2.0 Backlinks and why do I need them?

These are links from public social platforms that are able to provide your site with authority that is relevant to your niche. A natural, healthy backlink profile contains these links coming to your content on a consistent basis. This results in improvement in search engine rankings for your content, which results in more organic traffic to your website.

Do I need a Desktop or VPS to run YIVERanker?

No, this is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device with a web browser.

Do I need Proxies or Captchas?

No, YIVERanker handles all proxies, captchas, and other services needed to build links. You do not need any other services.


1 Credit = 1 Backlink

14-Day 100% Refund Policy

Starter Plan

20,000 Credits / month

Professional Plan

50,000 Credits / month

Agency Plan

75,000 Credits / month

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